What are the different types of MOT?

What are the different types of MOT?

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If you are a new driver, or one of the many drivers in the UK who have only ever driven a standard car, you may be surprised to learn about the large number of MOT specifications there are for different classes of vehicles in the UK. There are a wide variety of vehicles types on the roads of Britain and a lot of them require different types of checks to ensure they are safe to drive.

In this blog, we will talk about the different classes of MOTs, taking an in-depth look at the types of vehicles that fit into each category. It is possible that you will own multiple vehicles that could be placed in different MOT classes, so knowing about this information can be very important.

Class 1 

This class is for small engine mopeds and motorcycles up to 200cc, with or without a sidecar.

Class 2

Again, this class is for motorcycles, however, this is for the more powerful vehicles with an engine size over 200cc. This class is applicable with or without a sidecar.

Class 3

This class is easy to remember as it is appropriately specific to vehicles with three wheels weighing up to 450kg. 

Class 4

This is the only class that includes more than one type of vehicle. This is the most commonly known class because this is where the standard, four-wheel car belongs. The other vehicles in the class include: 

  • Three-wheel vehicles weighing over 450kg
  • Motor caravans
  • Car with up to eight passenger seats
  • Quads weighing up to 400kg
  • Private hire and public service vehicles with up to eight passenger seats
  • Dual-purpose vehicles such as car derived vans (CDV)
  • Private hire vehicles with between eight and twelve passenger seats
  • Ambulances and taxis
  • Goods vehicles weighing up to 3000kg unladen

Class 4a

This class is for the class 4 vehicles that have between nine and twelve seats, which also includes a seat belt installation check.

Class 5

This class is for private passenger vehicles with 13 to 16 seats, such as play buses.

Class 5a 

Similar to class 4a, class 5a is for the vehicles that fit into class 5, with an added seat belt installation check.

Class 7

This class is for good vehicles that weigh in excess of 3,000kg, but up to 3,500kg.

MOTs We Offer

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