Winter Health Check

Winter Health Check

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We all know that our cars need servicing, as doing so lengthens the life of your vehicle and will give you an indication of what will need replacing on your car in the next 12 months.

Another good way to keep your vehicle in tip top condition is a quick winter health check.

For just £29.95 we will check the following to ensure your vehicle will remain safe and working at its best during the colder months.

Battery check 

One of the most regular failures in the wintertime is your car battery.  On days when the temperature falls below 0 degrees even the healthiest of batteries only works at 2/3 of its usual capacity.  Older batteries can have difficulty retaining a charge and can fail in cold weather.

A battery check will give an indication of the health of the battery as we head into the winter and gives you an opportunity to replace it before it fails on the drive as you are about to leave for work! 

Coolant check

If the coolant level in your vehicle is too low or is not the right strength your vehicle will not weather the winter well.  A coolant level which too low and/or not the right strength can cause the vehicle parts to freeze, expand and crack.

A simple coolant check will determine the level and strength so that you can be assured your vehicle is protected against freezing through the cold months.

Tyre check

A tyre with low tread depth, a puncture or a cut can be dangerous anytime but more so in the winter.  With wet and potentially snowy and icy weather, ensuring your tyres are in good condition is crucial to getting it through the winter months.

A tyre check will determine whether your tyres are within legal limits and are safe to drive on during the winter.


It goes without saying that being able to stop your car effectively is important at all times of the year, with the wet and colder temperatures during the winter it is essential that your brakes are working well.

A visual check will determine what shape your brakes are in and if any pads or discs need to be changed.

Wipers, washers and screen wash 

With more moisture on the roads there will in turn be more dirt spraying onto your window screen, having good wipers that clear your whole screen, correctly working washers and plenty of screen wash is vital. 


With the dark morning and afternoons approaching your cars lights need to be working.  

A visual check, the same as on a service will determine any failures that have occurred with either bulbs or lenses.

If you would like to book your cars winter health check for just £29.95 call on 01733 333838 or click here to send us an email.

*Any additional parts or fluids required will be chargeable.

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