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Car Alternators from FRM Automotive

Your car alternator will not last forever, and when it does go, it can leave you stranded somewhere with a flat car battery. Perhaps you currently have car problems such as a battery going flat all the time and you think it may be that the alternator isn’t recharging the battery!!

Have you ever heard someone say “It sounds like your alternator mate, it’s probably knackered.”

Well that’s brilliant news, as I don’t even know what an Alternator is, let alone know how to check it or replace it.

FRM Automotive can shed a little light on this topic.

What Is an Alternator?

An alternator is a vital component of a vehicle’s charging system, responsible for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. Mounted to the engine, the alternator generates electrical power through electromagnetic induction, driven by the engine’s rotation. This electrical energy is then used to power the vehicle’s electrical systems and accessories while simultaneously recharging the battery. Essentially, the alternator ensures that the battery remains charged and supplies electricity to the various components of the vehicle, such as the lights, ignition system, and onboard electronics, while the engine is running.

Why Does My Car Need an Alternator?

If the battery wasn’t recharged, there would be no power to run or start the car. If started with a fully charged battery and put it onto your car, the car would start and continue to draw power from the battery. For example the spark plugs in the engine will eventually deplete the battery charge, and with no power the engine will stop.

The Alternator and Engine cycle

  • The Engine is started by the battery
  • The Engine turns the alternator and the Alternator then recharges the battery.

Car Starters & Alternators in Peterborough

If you are interested in the price of a starter motor or alternator then please call now on 01733 333 838. When you call please have the numbers of your starter motor or alternator. If this isn’t easily accessible then please have your vehicle detail’s for the Make, Model, Engine Size and year.

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