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Even though electric cars are quieter and more efficient than their petrol or diesel counterparts, they still need regular maintenance to keep them in tip top condition. But the good news for you is that with less moving parts, there are less things to go wrong or need replacing. On average, electric cars are 23% cheaper to run and service over 3 years than petrol equivalents.

An electric car still needs to be roadworthy and regular maintenance will allow you to keep on top of that. At FRM, we run a number of checks specific to electric cars to ensure they are safe and in good condition. These checks can include: Inspection of the charging cable, check the battery health and charge level and also inspecting the high-voltage cables and components for damage and making sure they are routed and secured correctly. Whilst servicing an electric may be different to a conventional car, it is important to keep on top of certain areas the same as their petrol and diesel counterparts. These items include Brake Pads, Brake Discs and Shock Absorbers. On some electric cars the motor can help with the braking of the vehicle, however, this can lead to some owners neglecting general braking maintenance which is still necessary and important.

It doesn’t matter if it is a petrol, diesel or electric vehicle, any car over 3 years old has to have a valid MOT certificate by law. Other than the emissions testing, all of the electric cars that we MOT still have to follow the rigorous tests for lights, brakes, wipers, suspension and steering so it is safe to be on the roads. Here are FRM, we are fully qualified to service and MOT all electric cars Peterborough and usually work out cheaper than main dealers. Our expertise in the area has been built up over years of gaining experience working on a wide variety of cars and vehicles

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